Quiet operation & incredible performance

Get your hands on the quietest trolling motor ever - the Lowrance Ghost freshwater trolling motor! With integrated Lowrance sonar options and GPS anchoring, there’s no reason not to believe in Lowrance Ghost. The Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor uses revolutionary propulsion technology and a brushless motor to produce the maximum thrust and the longest run time. It is so silent that even you'll wonder if Ghost is running or not! Enjoy the best top-end speed and acceleration without sacrificing battery life and also zoom from spot to spot or zip across the bay with up to 25-percent more thrust. Lowrance Ghost trolling motor offers amazing features to give you the ultimate fishing experience.

Hold your spot with extraordinary features

Don't miss any of your favorite fish with the Lowrance Ghost freshwater trolling motor. With powerful and precise anchoring, Lowrance Ghost lets you anchor your boat on a waypoint, at your current location, or anywhere on the map, despite windy conditions. Enjoy spending more time fishing and less time maintaining your position with Lowrance Ghost. Packed with an HDI nosecone transducer, the Lowrance Ghost trolling motor provides high-level performance of Lowrance CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging right out of the box. Apart from being ultra-silent, the Lowrance Ghost’s brushless motor emits zero electromagnetic interference, ensuring the clearest, interference-free sonar views on your fishfinder display.