Lowrance Fishfinders & ChartPlotters For Ice Fishing

Lowrance Ice Fishing fishfinders help you locate fishes through the ice. The brand's Ice Machines employ the proven capabilities of Lowrance CHIRP and traditional sonar to mark the prime fishing spots on the ice where you can drill down your baits. Lowrance Ice Machines have crystal clear displays that show you crisp-clear sonar imaging of below the ice-covered surface. With their advanced Ice transducers, the Ice Machines almost bring the hidden under-the-ice life live on their screen. Check out the category to shop for the best Lowrance Ice Machines and get ready for an efficient ice-angling time.

Finding fishes beyond the ice

Ice-anglers know how different are the conditions when you set out on a frozen water body looking for fishes. The chilling temperature freezes the water surfaces, making it impossible to move on the waters on your boat, scanning for fishes. It also changes the underwater living conditions, affecting the schools of fishes you find in the locations otherwise. We need a proficient system that can look beyond the ice sheets to find where the fishes prefer to swim now. Lowrance LiveSight Ice transducers produce almost real-time sonar imaging, even allowing you to see how fishes react to the bait on the screen. Superior clarity and target separation, along with real-time imaging, ensure multiplying the chances of catching your favorite fishes.

Advancing Ice-fishing adventures

Lowrance Ice Machines are suitable for use even in the warmer seasons, providing an all-season versatility. Their unrivaled sonar views of what's beneath the ice are also ready to scan the waters in the warmer seasons. With built-in mapping and an easy-to-use interface, these Ice Machines can also help you mark the prime fishing spots in the warmer seasons. Mount them on your kayaks or boats and set out scanning for these locations in the summers, and then mark waypoints to navigate there during the winters. Lowrance's advanced technologies, like Autotuning Sonar, FishReveal, preloaded charts, and several other features help you advance in your ice-fishing adventures. Buy Lowrance Ice Fishing Fishfinders and Ice Machines to have the best time catching fishes on the frozen lakes.