Lowrance Transducers

Lowrance Dual Frequency, Trolling Mount, Transom Mount Transducers

In order to find the best Lowrance transducer for your sonar unit, the frequencies must match, so a 200 KHz unit will require a 200 kHz transducer. The cone angle of a transducer varies with frequency – Lowrance carries 200 kHz transducers with either a wide (20 degree) or narrow (12 degree) cone angle. The 50 kHz transducers come with a 35 degree angle and dual frequency transducers feature narrow ( 12 degree) 200 kHz and wide (35 degree) for the 50 kHz. Installation is also important when choosing a transducer – this can be identified by the category the unit is under. Transom mount transducers are usually the most popular, ideal for high speed operation.